Author and Publisher Services

Manuscript Analysis

Did you finish your first draft? Are you ready to see how you can make your novel the best it can be? A manuscript analysis can help point out plot holes and good character development.


Are you ready for publishing? Did you go through all your edits and your book pages are formatted? It is time to perform the last editing step with proofreading.


Are you struggling to write your author’s website? Do you need a biography written? How about a book blurb or a blog article? The help of a great content writer can help.

Manuscript Analysis

A complete manuscript analysis includes reading the entire novel before the analysis begins, so I can get a good feel for the book. This also allows me to immerse myself in the story and gives me better insight into how to find plot holes, character flaws, etc.

After this first pass, I reread the novel and begin the analysis work. After this pass, I will draft an editorial letter containing my findings and suggestions about how to make the novel better.

Prices start at $15 per 1000 words.

* Chapter analysis options are also available for a lesser charge.


Proofreading work begins after the novel is completely finished, including all prior developmental editing, line editing, and formatting.

My work as a proofreader is to find last-minute spelling, grammar, and formatting errors. I do this work through Microsoft Word or Google Docs. I use the comment feature instead of track changes because I feel that changes should only be made with the author’s intentions at work.

Prices start at $10 per 1000 words.


I provide writing for author websites, personal biographies, book blurbs, or anything else you need writing.

Website writing includes items such as blog posts, About Me pages, Home pages, product listings, and more.

I also write for social media and any email newsletters you may want to send to your audience.

Prices vary depending on your needs.

Contact me at to schedule your discovery session.

Author and Publisher Services FAQ

I will schedule project start dates directly after payment, depending on availability.

Service prices vary. During our discovery session, I will get a feel for what you need from me and how long it should take. I send proposals including pricing information within 24 hours of our session.

Project completion times vary depending on the type of project you have. In the roughest estimate, projects will take 3-8 weeks to complete.

More than anything else, I ask for patience. I understand the anxiety and excitement that comes from waiting for feedback. However, I want to deliver the best outcome I can for your project, and rushing will break my focus.